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著 者 S. Mizukami, T. Nagano, Y. Urano, A. Odani, and K. Kikuchi
論文名 ''A Fluorescent Anion Sensor That Works in Neutral Aqueous Solution for Bioanalytical Application''
掲載誌頁 J. Am. Chem. Soc., 124, 3920-3925 (2002)
著 者 T. Hirano, K. Kikuchi, Y. Urano, and T. Nagano
論文名 ''Improved Fluorescent Probes for Zinc, ZnAFs, Suitable for Biological Applications''
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著 者 H. Takakusa, K. Kikuchi, Y. Urano, S. Sakamoto, K. Yamaguchi, and T. Nagano
論文名 ''Design and Synthesis of an Enzyme-Cleavable Sensor Molecule for Phosphodiesterase Activity Based on Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer''
掲載誌頁 J. Am. Chem. Soc., 124, 1653-1657 (2002)
著 者 S. Maruyama, K. Kikuchi, T. Hirano, Y. Urano, and T. Nagano
論文名 ''A Novel, Cell-Permeable, Fluorescent Probe for Ratiometric Imaging of Zinc Ion"''
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掲載誌頁 J. Cell Biology, 158, 215-220 (2002)
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論文名 ''Design and Synthesis of a Novel Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent for Selective Sensing of Zinc Ion''
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著 者 N. Suzuki, H. Kojima, Y. Urano, K. Kikuchi, Y. Hirata, and T. Nagano
論文名 ''Orthogonality of Calcium Concentration and Ability of 4,5-Diaminofluorescein (DAF-2) to Detect NO''
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著 者 W. Nakanishi, K. Kikuchi, T. Inoue, K. Hirose, M. Iino, and T. Nagano
論文名 ''Hydrophobic Modifications at 1-Phosphate of Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Analogues Enhance Receptor Binding''
掲載誌頁 Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 12, 911-913 (2002)
著 者 Y. Hori and Y. Sugiura
論文名 ''Conversion of Antennapedia Homeodomain to Zinc Finger-like Domain: Zn(II)-Induced Change in Protein Conformation and DNA Binding''
掲載誌頁 J. Am. Chem. Soc. 124, 9362-9363 (2002)